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Capital Towing Ottawa Dolly Towing

While you may plan and budget for emergencies such as car problems or health problems, odds are you are sincerely hoping that you’ll never need to use those funds for that because you really need them for other things. But emergencies will happen when they will happen, and you’ll find yourself grateful that you considered it. When you need a tow for your vehicle, one way to save is by opting for dolly towing instead of flatbed towing. While this doesn’t work well for larger and heavier vehicles, most cars will handle dolly towing just fine. It’s also a lot kinder on your wallet. Here at Capital Towing, we offer dolly towing Ottawa with the best in customer service, from fast response time to 24/7 availability.

Details of Dolly Towing

Dolly towing is more affordable because you basically just hook one end of your vehicle to the tow truck with a dolly. The dolly apparatus is attached to one end of the tow truck. It includes an attachment which hooks onto the front or back end of your car, raising it up. For example, if it hooked onto the front of your car, the front two wheels of your car would be raised up into the air while the back two wheels remained on the ground. Through this method, the tow truck can drive and your car will be dragged behind, with its back wheels taking the pressure.

Pros and Cons

There are pros and cons to dolly towing. One con is that it doesn’t work for every kind of vehicle. Another is that it can wear down your vehicle. If you’re towing a vehicle with a tow dolly for a long distance, the back wheels are getting more wear than the front. This wears down the tires and puts uneven pressure on the rear axle. It also affects the mileage of your car. However, it works perfectly well for short distance and is much more affordable than flatbed towing, making dolly towing a good alternative option for most drivers today. It’s an excellent option for you if you have a lightweight vehicle and desire an economical means of towing your car.

Capital Towing is proud to offer dolly towing and other services to residents and drivers all over the Ottawa area. For all your towing, roadside assistance, and auto locksmith needs, call Capital Towing today.