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Tips and Requirements To Become a Qualified Tow Truck Driver in Ottawa

 If you’ve been eying that tow truck driver position in your preferred company for a long time, you might want to read about some requirements you must meet first before you can qualify for a tow truck driver position in Ottawa.

 Basic Requirements

 Strictly speaking, you have to be at least 18 years old and must have passed a driving test in Canada so you’ll have a driving license to be able to drive any vehicle in the country. That’s one of the most basic requirements you must fulfill. Next, you must have at least earned a high school diploma in any qualified institution in the country to qualify for a position, but a higher degree of education is always preferable.

 Let’s Get to The Specifics

 By now, you already should know that in order to be a tow truck driver, you must have a specific skill set the most basic of these is being able to drive a tow truck with ease. All towing companies will be administering a series of tests before you can get the job, so make sure you have a few years of driving experience because driving a tow truck is different from driving a small vehicle (such as a sedan, for example), and requires more skill, expertise, and care while on the road.

 Next, being able to do basic vehicular repairs as well as having knowledge on proper maintenance of equipment is compulsory. You should be able to perform simple vehicle maintenance tasks (at least, the very basic ones—such as adding water and oil, radiator fluid, fuel, and so on) quickly and efficiently. Being able to read road maps and operate GPS systems is also a must—it would be better if you familiarize yourself with the usual routes.

 Ultimately, Good Social Skills Are a Must

 Since you’ll be a client-facing type of worker, you must be able to properly communicate any technical details about a car or the towing process to a customer who may not be that well versed on machinery or basic mechanics. You should be able to put them at ease enough to trust in your skills—that you know what you’re doing and that you’ll be handling their vehicle with care. Lastly, you must be ready for any questions they might have and be patient when it comes to answering seemingly mundane ones, or questions you may have heard many times before.